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1: Due to the nature of our business Tramp2lean do not provide a “returns” or “refund” policy for all/any of our services.
As our business is based upon a reservation system where-upon all/any bookings reserve a person or persons a trampoline per session we cannot provide compensation in the form of a refund for anyone unavailable to attend or due to unfortunate situations we can all experience that prevents the attendance of a reservation or booking.

This policy applies to:
a:Birthday Party bookings (non-refundable deposits)
b:Trampoline session reservations for all/any classes

2: It is at the discretion of any member of Tramp2lean staff at any of our trampoline parks if it is suitable or possible for reservations to be moved to a different time or date. This is NOT a service we encourage or offer as a company as this can cause internal administration issues and take up valuable staff time. If you have any genuine reason why you need to change a reservation or booking please contact the park you made your online booking or reservation with and feel free to ask, as stated this is NOT a service we as a company offer as standard practice due to the complexity and nature of the booking system and staff available to perform such tasks.~

3: Offers and unique codes provided by our marketing team using subscribed user marketing campaign communications may not be transferred to any 3rd parties and we reserve the right to refuse any offers at any time without explanation.

4: Vouchers are non-transferable and may only be redeemed by the person the voucher was purchased for. Physical vouchers cannot be redeemed online and may only be used at the reception of our trampoline parks. These vouchers are non-refundable and may be refused at any time should they be deemed to be used incorrectly or fraudulently.

5: NONE of our bookings are transferable at any time.

6: Ultimately your booking is your responsibility, we cannot be held responsible for any “act of god” which prevents you from attending a reservation and when booking you hereby agree to all our company policies and trading terms. If you do not agree or wish to discuss any of our trading terms please contact us using the number on our website or by using the contact form, we will be more than happy to speak to you.